LBD Partners

Our Experience

Shakeel Mowla is the founder of LBD Partners. An experienced organisational development consultant with over 19 years working across FMCG, Healthcare, Utilities, Retail and Financial Services sectors.

He has a track record of proven organisational behavioural development, delivered through both consulting and senior management roles within industry.


Shakeel’s most recent organisational development work in supporting clients includes:

  • Establishing high performance, customer oriented operating models and cultures within the newly constituted NHS Commissioning Support Units. These are new organisations formed out of the outgoing PCT system as part of the UK Government’s health reforms.
  • Delivering organisational and behavioural change within a leading UK-based investment management company
  • Establishing new operational behaviours and integrated working culture across a major global airline, centred around a major new passenger management capability
  • Having researched best in class talent management systems with 8 global organisations, designing the global talent management system for a major global FMCG company which has been in successful operation for two years
  • Designing and implementing highly effective ‘Leadership Behavioural Development’ programmes

LBD People

All the people that LBD will bring to help you meet your organisational development challenges will be highly experienced in:

  • Cultural and operational transformation
  • Establishing highly efficient and effective governance and decision-making mechanisms for leadership and operational management
  • Embedding highly effective employee growth and talent management ‘systems’ into the fabric of company culture and governance
  • Driving operational and strategic company performance

It is this unique combination that enables LBD to be such an effective partner in your journey to drive performance through culture