LBD Partners

We assist organisations in embedding behavioural change to drive sustained market outperformance

LBD supports its clients to embed organisational behaviours and management practices that enable them to outperform in their markets or fields.  We do this by supporting you in the following four areas:

Defining and building purpose in new cultures and behaviours

Thorough our in-house diagnostic tool we help you to quickly understand the current links between interpreted culture, organisational behaviours and company performance.

This is used to then design new cultures and behaviours that will directly enable you to sustainably achieve your company performance goals.

Our approach and diagnostics ensure that all tiers of leadership and management are fully aligned, motivated and committed to changing these:

  • Senior leaders
  • Mid-tier leaders
  • First-level leaders

Embedding leadership behaviours that establish new cultures

Once you have determined your target culture and behaviours, we help you to ensure your management and governance systems are aligned to re-enforce and encourage the new leadership culture and behaviours.  The focus of your management and governance systems will recognise and reward both business performance and how leaders achieve these. These include adjusting, if necessary:

  •  business management forums
  • people and performance management systems
  •  talent management systems
  • reward  and recognition approach

Driving company outperformance through new cultures

Having started your process of embedding new cultures and behaviours, we offer class-leading leadership behavioural development programmes that are not just experiential but enable your leaders and managers to actively progress their business performance and operational challenges by employing the new behaviours.
Measurement of progress is done by repeating our in-house diagnosis which measures the direct impacts of leadership behaviours on staff and business performance.
This approach offers unparalleled, accelerated learning that not only tips leaders into new leadership ‘habits’ but actively drives step improvements in company performance.

Realising employee offers within new cultures

From the outset, we help you to design your approach to talent acquisition, development and retention so they are intrinsically driven by your new culture and leadership behaviours.

This means that realising your company ‘offer’ to your employees becomes central to the way in which leaders and managers deliver sustainable company performance.